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Comfortable Care Dentistry

Oral Conscious Sedation in Connecticut

It’s not uncommon for patients to be scared of going to the dentist. You may have had a bad experience from a previous dentist, or heard horror stories about dental care gone wrong. Patients of all ages can be apprehensive about dental visits, even adults. But with oral sedation dentistry, you don’t have to be afraid of visiting the dentist again!

Benefits of oral conscious sedation (OCS) include:

  • Less stress or anxiety
  • Relaxing and comfortable visit
  • Sedation – so you can have little memory of the procedure

Dental procedures have become a lot faster over time, and have become virtually pain-free. At South Windsor Smiles, we even offer topical anesthetic, local anesthetic, and oral medications for dental procedures to help sensitive patients. Although we hope that our compassionate staff and professional dentists will put you at ease, it may not be enough. It is for this reason that we offer qualified patients a prescription medication before receiving dental treatment for sedation. This is most commonly known as oral conscious sedation medication.

If you’re interested in having oral conscious sedation for your next procedure, inquire about it on your next visit or call us at (860) 640-4283 today!

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