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If you are looking for info about Painless Dental Cleanings

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Everybody thinks that dental work hurts. Tons of jokes make punch-lines out of root canals, and having a tooth drilled. Heck, even dentists say things are “as difficult as pulling teeth”. Those jokes are over a hundred years old, but the truth is that modern dentistry can eliminate almost all pain

Did you know that skipping your cleaning or putting it off until later is actually part of the reason your cleanings have been uncomfortable in the past?

Don’t postpone your cleaning because you’re afraid it might hurt — You should be getting painless cleanings every time!

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  1. The two easy things you can do to prevent pain!
  2. 6 big health risks linked to periodontal (gum) disease.
  3. How clinicians can reduce pain during cleanings.
  4. 3 “low tech” ways to lower anxiety during your cleaning.
  5. Why it hurts when you brush and floss.
  6. 9 Guaranteed results of Not Treating periodontal disease. ( 9! And they’re all bad!)
  7. The best ways to avoid expensive surgical treatment.
  8. Learn the 3 major health risks tied to periodontal disease. (Periodontal Disease Doubles Your Risk of One Killer Outcome!)
  9. Learn which disease teams up with periodontal disease to keep you sick in a vicious cycle.
  10. Find out what standard technique can be used to tell if you have periodontal disease within minutes (You might be shocked that all dentists don’t use it!)
  11. Discover why 6 month check-ups aren’t standard for all patients.
  12. Learn what specialized treatments can be used to battle periodontal disease — instead of surgery!
  13. Discover how an incurable oral disease can destroy a larger part of your face than just your mouth.
  14. The 8 steps to evaluate your oral health that should be done on your first visit.
  15. A special offer for you, just for reading “The Secret to Painless Cleanings”.

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Next, click the button labeled “submit” and you’ll be brought to the page where you can click and download the report instantly!

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