Should you, a friend or loved one experience a DENTAL EMERGENCY DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS, we are available to help... Even if you are unable to reach your regular dentist. We are available to help on a one-to-one basis in order to limit the chance of exposure to others.

To reach Dr. Norige regarding a dental emergency, call (860) 640-4447.

If you don’t have dental insurance,
If you worry about how you’ll afford dental cleaning visits,
If you want to save money on future dental care,
This is the most important letter you’ll read this year!

Dr. Norige & South Windsor Smiles offer a solution to remove that stress from your life.

Introducing Dr. Norige’s Smile Fitness & Savings Club!

Exclusively for patients without dental insurance .

With a small monthly membership fee* you’ll enjoy the following perks:

  • Regular preventive check-ups including cleanings, exams and x-rays!
  • No deductibles!
  • You’ll get 20% off “sticker price” for all services!
  • No exclusions for cosmetic or elective care!

*Monthly membership fee does not include the one time program activation fee of $99; the monthly membership fee begins one month after enrollment.

It’s NOT insurance… It’s better than insurance.
And it’s available to every member of the family too!
Our patient savings club is one more way we strive to keep you smiling!

To Enroll

Call our office at (860) 640-4464
And ask which savings club program will best fit your needs.

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